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European Union: an unacceptable and therefore dangerous situation

The European Union is at present experiencing a worrying situation.

Its population is concerned, unhappy even. One third of its population wants to leave our Union. In numerous countries, 80% of the population believe that current policies are wrong. Inequalities are on the rise. Income is falling by 10% on average. Unemployment is a problem for more than one European in ten on average and almost one in 5 for young people, with peaks of 50%. Likewise, job insecurity is increasing, while the type of employment on offer is worsening.

This situation calls for urgent action. The Commission seems to be aware of the danger of the situation. It plans to launch a debate on the future of the Union on the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. We must all have an equal say. Our officials are also European citizens. The fate of the civil service is tied to that of the European construction.

That is why we are beginning discussions both internally and with European civil society. We have already organised a conference on 9 January at CESE, with Georges Dassis, president of CESE, Philippe Lamberts, MEP and co-president of the Groupe Verts-ALE, and Claude Rolin, MEP.

We will soon be holding discussions at CESE with civil society. At the end of March, in cooperation with civil society, we will hold a commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

We urge officials to take part in these debates, which concern us all. You will receive invitations in due course.



                    Page updated on 01/02/2017